Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show #19 (Radio 365)

On 27 May 2017, Maximum Volume / Flex Your Head Show #19 aired on 365 Radio Network, Saturday, at 16.00hrs/4.00PM (EST/EDT - USA), 22.00hrs/10.00PM (Germany - CET time), and 03.00hrs/3.00AM (Bangkok time, Sunday). The Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show is the #1 online radio show and podcast for punk rock, psychobiily, rockabilly, garage rock, garage punk, surf, trash rock, and rock and roll show on the planet!

Any bands or music artists who want to send me music for next week's show are welcome to contact me. 

We featured music and great entertainment on the show, including: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Ramones, Daggerplay, The Control Freaks, Amyl and The Sniffers, Cavaverman, Bacchae, Forgotten Rebels, Biscayne, Wimps, Master Mechanic (courtesy of Keith Grave), Daisy Chain (via Keith Grave), Brad Pot, The Felt Ups, Talk Show Host, The Total Bettys, The Braver Days, TV CRIME, Titty Twister, Cry Baby Hank, Don't Panic Records and Distro, She Likes Todd and Biznaga (courtesy Slovenly Recordings).

TWO HEART-POUNDING, SCREECHING High-Power HOURS of punk rock, garage, powerpop, and surf rock in your ear drums!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I am playing your music, and you don't keep me in the loop regarding sending new music, records, CD's, pins, mp3's, or anything, and no email replies, I will be forced to stop playing your music, as it would not be fair to all the bands and labels who are giving me input for the show! Thanks for your understanding.

Check out this episode!

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