Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show #14 (365 Radio)

Saturday, 29 April 2017, Maximum Volume / Flex Your Head Show #14 will air on 365 Radio Network / Midwest Broadcasting Group / Eagle Eye Music Promotions, at 14.00hrs/4.00PM (EDT - USA), 22.00hrs/10.00PM (Germany - CET time), and 03.00hrs/3.00AM (Bangkok time, Sunday). Any bands or music artists who want to send me music for next week's show are welcome to contact me.

We will be featuring music and great entertainment on the show, including:RadarmenRadarmenBamboozle (Serena Sykes), The TwerksMy Son The BumCavavermanThe MethadonesStupidityReverend Elvis and the Undead SyncopatorsRoadkill RockersRockin' Hellfire Fans Page (Johnny Valentine), The Crazy Teds (Johnny Valentine), The Dark RagsRotundaH-Bomb Holiday Camp (Wolverine Records Sascha Wolff), Reno Divorce(Wolverine Records Sascha Wolff), Resiliencia PunkrockThe Libertines,The SpastiksThe DaffysLucifer Sideburns, and The GeneratorsOs Brutus

TWO HOURS of punk rock, garage, psychobilly, and surf rock in your ear drums!! 

Check out our Bamboozle giveaways during the show!! Win yours then.

For show playlist, please check libsyn - liberated syndication or iTunes Store Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show pages for the PDF file on Sunday.

Check out this episode!

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